Insights Deeper Discovery Workshops


The Power to Transform Your Approach to Life and Work

Are you ready to:

  • Take time out for yourself, to focus on your own personal and professional development?

  • Explore your true potential, develop deeper levels of self-awareness, and consider your legacy (not just at the end of your career, but every time you leave the room)?

  • Develop a plan to be more effective and productive?

  • Discover and practice new ways to articulate your strengths and hopes and the impact you would like to make through your work and life?

  • Have fun and be part of a fun, engaging, insightful, memorable new experience with other cool, smart, fascinating people?

Insights Deeper Discovery Workshops are highly-engaging, productive, fun days of learning and self-discovery that lead to life, career and business breakthroughs.



If you decide to join us for one of these workshops, what will you get?

Using the language of Archetypes, you'll explore what drives and motivates you.  You'll receive insights and tools to help you become a more authentic and inspiring team member and leader, including:

  • A personalized 13-page Insights Deeper Discovery Profile that highlights your top 10 Archetypes

  • A 55-page workbook full of exercises and activities to use during and well beyond this workshop

  • An exploration of where you've been, where you're at now and where you want to go

  • New insights into your own strengths and potential to make an impact and leave a positive legacy

  • Personal feedback and ideas for development from other workshop participants and facilitators

  • Snacks, coffee, lunch, fun and important conversations

Register for a workshop in 2019:

Friday, December 6th

*All Deeper Discovery Workshops run 9:30AM - 3:30PM

Registration Fee: $450

Explore your top 10 archetypes -- and envision new possibilities for leveraging your unique strengths to make an impact in your work and life!